About Me

Shaun Stackhouse is a man of few words at times, he can be quite, with an interesting sense of humor. He is the Murtaugh of Khaos Central. A guy who’ll be there when you need him. He’d gladly help Superman rid the world of Crime if he would just ask. Shaun is an avid guitarist, song writer and lover of all things Basset Hound. He loves Star Wars, He-Man, Back to the Future and Family Ties. He secretly wishes he was Alex P. Keaton, and thinks Ronald Reagan should be on Mount Rushmore. In his spare time he enjoys moonlighting as Batman and loving his Basset Hound, Scarlett. When Shaun was a child, he attempted to build an electric Proton Pack. When he plugged it in, black smoke went everywhere, and the outlet was charred. He also loved reenacting fight scenes from He-Man. His favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo, and the two comic book characters he most identifies with are Superman and He-Man.